Subscription Plan for Music Lovers

We are offering a Subscription Plan for the music lovers who want to support our 2020 season.  Your support will help our team deliver a consistent experience that we all love. If you are interested in being a subscriber for our 2020 and final season, please call Becky Thomas at 832-454-0900. Thanks for your support!

Benefactor Level  15 Shows  $375.00


  • Name on Website Benefactor of FHC

  • Preferred reserved seating with Chair Cover with Name Tag

  • Gold name tag with magnet backing

  • Name on the Allison designed “Benefactor Board for 2019”

  • Valentine’s Show and Dinner $50

  • Additional Shows $20 Per Person



Rhonda and Dave Kottke 

Becky Thomas and Ed Gunderson 

Amy and Dado Matkins 

Vivian Schroeder 

Lisa Silva and Bill Glasspool

Wyatt Collier 

Patron Level  10 Shows  $250.00

  • Name on Website Patron of FHC

  • Preferred reserved seating with Chair Cover with Name Tag

  • Silver name tag with magnet backing

  • Additional Shows $25 Per Person



Amy Powell 

Kathy and Terry Gibson  

Susan Rosenbaum and Eric Schoen

Bernie and Jan Silver  

Friends Level  5 Shows  $125.00

  • Name on Website Friends of FHC

  • Additional Shows $25 Per Person



Sharon Waddell  

Robin & Mike McMahon

Theri Timelli 

Wyatt Collier 

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We appreciate all our subscribers and offer you the opportunity to join the program for 2019 at the Patron and Friends level.  If you have questions, please contact Becky Thomas for additional details. 


The Subscription Form has been updated and does not include the Benefactor Level.  It will be available for 2020 Season. ;)