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Cash is King: How do I pay for my ticket to FHC?

Why do we only want cash for tickets, tips, and merchandise for our shows?

Starting 2022, those payments will be accumulated and if anybody receives $600 or more from all sources combined from any single servicer, you will get a 1099-K in January 2023 and you will have to file it as income with 2022 taxes.

This is why, FHC now only requires an RSVP for our shows. We do not want to handle the transactions and the artist(s) to benefit 100%.

So, remember when you RSVP, that is your commitment to attend and bring cash for your attendance, tips, and merchandise.

Some shows will be set up to pay the artist direct, but cash is always king!

If you ever have a question on how to pay for your show, just drop us a line.

Our Per person price is as follows:

$30.00 for Patrons

$10.00 for Musicians not performing at the show.

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