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FHC Welcomes - Champions House Concerts

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

2022 brings some exciting news. We are welcoming a new house into the FHC family. We introduce you to Mike and Cynthia Alsup who live on the Champions Golf Course.

They are great fans of live music at any venue including international, national, local venues, music festivals and house concerts.

The renovated a beautiful home on the golf course and will be hosting concerts. The year plus renovation was filled with lots of antics that Cynthia chronicled on Facebook. A few pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Mike and Cynthia are long time Houston residents. We are thrilled that their passion for live music allows them to open their home to other like-minded patrons.

Their first concert is February 12, 2022, Valentine Weekend. They are hosting Beat Root Revival. They are a multi-instrumentalist duo, combining elements of Folk, Blues, Country, and Rock n Roll to create a melodic sound, made up of powerhouse harmonic vocalists Andrea Magee and

Ben Jones.


Mike, Cynthia, and Champions House Concerts look forward to welcoming you to their home and future events which can be found on our website at Fulshear House Concerts.

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Becky Thomas
Becky Thomas

I am so excited to start seeing shows at Cynthia and Mike's home. It is spectacular. 😎

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