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House concerts create friendships for life

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Several years ago, I didn’t even know about House Concerts. Thanks to Scott Witt and Fulshear House Concerts (FHC), I am now knee deep into the music. Scott and I had attended high school together and stayed in touch. He invited me to a concert in 2016 and the rest has been amazing.

What a great experience to hear live music in a small venue and meet new friends. The people were primarily from the Fulshear area in the beginning. However, FHC soon was known amongst the best performers as a concert that paid 100% of the proceeds to the artist(s). By March of 2020, FHC had presented 75 concerts. Then COVID shut it all down.

As we all know the singer songwriters have really felt the brunt of live music being shut down. We had sequestered songwriters, zoom concerts and live music by every artist you can name trying to make ends meet.

Now, live music is back and FHC is ready to present the best of the best. We hope you will join us in the future as we rebuild that live music experience for all. FHC has been attending lots of live music on the hunt for the next new names or songs we need to introduce our patrons to at upcoming shows.

Recently, we attended the Songwriters Shindig at Gruene Hall and ran into a friend of FHC’s from the very beginning. Kathy and Terry Gibson, who recently built a house in Gruene. The friendship which started as an acquaintance of two people we saw every month at FHC has grown into a lifetime friendship.

Just like Scott and Allison, Buddy and Belinda, Susan and Eric and the list goes on. Friends are forever.

Life is about the friends we make and cultivate who have similar passions, live music! Check out the music.

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You are so right about friendships that started at FHC. We loved seeing so many at the Barn Dance in September! If Gruene Hall is calling you, please let us know. And, while we aren't super close anymore, we will visit FHC as soon as we can.

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